Professional Trust, Estate and Wealth Management Services

MHP is nationally known for its extensive work in the trust and family office area.  We have clients in all corners of the United States and in various countries around the world.  We take pleasure in advising affluent families on protecting and managing their wealth and providing them the pertinent information in a format that is easy to understand.  It is important to establish a holistic understanding of their financial life, assets, liabilities, net worth and risk exposure along with their dreams and obligations.  We conduct an initial assessment of our clients’ financial needs and help them prioritize their desires and reach their goals.

Tax Compliance and Planning

In conjunction with our tax department we prepare trust, gift, estate, and other pertinent tax returns.  Periodically we meet with individuals, families, and trustees to assess the year and upcoming plans to determine how best to reduce any potential tax liabilities.

Financial Statements and Stated Accounts

We prepare easy to understand statements for our clients to help them keep track of their financial progress.  These statements are tailored to best fit their needs.  They commonly show condensed historical data of investments and track the trust accounting income to help determine the appropriate distributions for the period.

Family Office

MHP has a vibrant family office area within our trust department.  We evaluate the needs of our clients and adjust the services accordingly to alleviate the administrative burden from them.  This allows them to focus on more important aspects of their lives.

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