Newest CPA's at MHP

November 27, 2017

MHP would like to congratulate our newest CPA’s on their accomplishment of passing all the CPA exams!

Hannah Gilliland, Myranda Lyda, John Storebo, Whitney Webb and Shaylene Burd are the newest CPA’s at MHP.

Hannah Gilliland is from Fort Laramie, WY but Cheyenne is now home. She joined MHP as a summer intern in 2015 and became a full-time employee in January 2016.  She received her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Accounting from the University of Wyoming.  Currently, Hannah works in both the audit and tax departments during their respective busy seasons.  Eventually, she will decide which department suits her better, but for now she is learning all she can on both sides in order to have a well-rounded skill set. When asked about the challenges of preparing for and taking the CPA exam she says, “I didn’t really start studying until I began full-time with MHP, which was the worst choice!  It is hard to study before work, then spend all day at work, just to go home to study some more.  Staying motivated was a challenge, but becoming a CPA has been a goal of mine for several years so I was going to pass, no matter what!  It is a great achievement to have behind me, and I am thankful to my family and husband who supported me through the process.”

When not at work, Hannah spends time with her husband and family.  “I also enjoy fishing (but I am not the best) and now that I have more time on my hands (as I no longer have to study), I should probably work on my technique so I can out-fish my husband!"

Myranda Lyda was born in Denver, Colorado but raised in Phoenix, Arizona.  She received her Master’s from the University of Phoenix in 2014.  Before joining MHP in 2016, she worked for an accounting firm in Phoenix where she was able to get her feet wet in the fields of tax, bookkeeping and various administrative tasks.  Now, her focus is mainly trust and business tax returns.  Accounting wasn’t her first choice as a major.  Straight out of high school she chose to major in Psychology with the ultimate goal of being a psychiatrist.  During her freshman year she realized two things – 1. Science just wasn’t her strength and 2. She didn’t want to become a Doctor.  She met a CPA and asked him about the field.  After that conversation and some googling, she decided to change majors and never looked back.

Of taking the CPA exams she says, “There is nothing easy about the CPA exam.  It took me just about two years to pass all 4 sections. I’ve studied at football games, bars, dinners, planes, doctors’ offices, and just about anywhere I’ve needed to in the last two years.  Moving across the country created some additional difficulties such as having no internet connection for an extended period of time, and having to test during tax season.”

When not at work, Myranda enjoys kayaking, fishing, shooting, archery, spending time with family and trying new hobbies.

John Storebo grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado for most of his life and moved to Finley, North Dakota when he was 17. He attended the University of North Dakota and received his bachelor’s degree in accounting. He moved to Cheyenne shortly after to start his career at MHP in the audit department. He has just under a year of public accounting experience as a tax intern and audit associate.   When asked about accounting and the CPA exam, John says, “I went into accounting for the challenge and the great opportunities that the career offers. My advice to future CPA exam applicants is to take advantage of anytime you have before you start working full-time. The exam may be intimidating, but stick with it, have a study routine, and you will pass! I'm excited to see what the future holds for my career as a CPA. Best of luck to everyone sitting for the exam."

When he is not working, John heads to the mountains as often as he can. Some activities that he enjoys most are fly fishing and hiking in Wyoming and Western Colorado. He is also a big sports fan and goes to as many events as possible, especially college football games.

Whitney Webb is a Wyoming native, born and raised in Star Valley, Wyoming. She received her Bachelor’s degree at Brigham Young University – Idaho, and her Master’s degree from UW.   She chose accounting because she liked that there were so many opportunities and various directions she could go with her degree.  When asked about studying for and taking the CPA exams, she says “I think that the biggest difficulty in taking the exam was that it is such a daunting task.  Feeling ‘ready’ for an exam seems impossible.” Prior to working at MHP, she completed a couple internships at the Bank of Star Valley and Silver Star Communications.

In her free time, Whitney likes doing most any outdoor activities such as hiking or biking. She enjoys traveling as well.

Shaylene Burd grew up in Longmont, Colorado and received her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accounting from the University of Wyoming.  Shaylene has worked at MHP since she graduated. When asked about studying for the CPA exam, she found that “it was hard finding a balance of when to take a break to hang out with family and friends and not letting the exam take over my life.”

In her free time she likes hanging out with family and friends and going boating in the summer.