McGee, Hearne & Paiz offers Secure Electronic Communication

February 8, 2016

MHP is actively collecting client email addresses to provide a secure online space for clients to conveniently send, receive, and store files quickly and securely by establishing Client Portals.  In addition, MHP is offering eSign on Form 8879 for Individual (1040) Tax Returns.  Our goal is to deliver the highest level of customer service via fast, streamlined communication, while staying compliant with data privacy and breach notification legislation.  

1.    Client Portal

Federal and state laws continue to get stricter about maintaining the security of clients' Social Security numbers.  Client portals, secure online storage areas, offer an alternative to e-mail for communicating and collaborating with clients.  

Here's how the Client Portal typically works:  MHP uploads a file to a secure Web site, where each client has a personal password and can log on to retrieve information.  When MHP adds a new document, the client receives an e-mail with instructions on how to log on and view it.  Encrypting the e-mail is unnecessary because it does not include confidential information.  

While portals can be used for dozens of purposes, from exchanging QuickBooks files that are often too large for e-mail to entering payroll information, we anticipate using portals to receive client source documents and posting completed tax returns.  

We anticipate increased customer satisfaction with fast access to documents.

2.    eSign on Form 8879 for Individual (1040) Tax Returns

The eSign process allows MHP to offer clients the efficiency of a paperless filing process from start to finish.  When a 1040 is complete, MHP will send an email to the client requesting eSign on Form 8879 which gives MHP permission to electronically file the return.  Once the client completes the eSign process, MHP can then e-file the tax return.  This process takes minutes versus the typical mailing time of several days.  By using e-signature technology, MHP is confirming the reputation of a client-focused and technology-savvy firm.

eSign is available from iOS, Windows and Android mobile devices, so clients can complete the e-signing process anytime, any place, from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.  eSign employs the strictest security protocols to protect clients' personal information, as well as meet stringent IRS security requirements.