Cheyenne Day of Giving

May 30, 2017

Cheyenne Day of Giving recently had its 12th annual event on May 12th. Amy Mitchum, a tax manager with McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP (MHP) has served as their treasurer for the past three years.

Amy has worked at MHP for 12 years and has a trust, individual and business focus and prides herself on client service. She also helps with the workflow and communications in the tax department. She certainly enjoys being able to give back to the community and says "It is fantastic that the partners at MHP encourage us to get involved on boards in our community.  Knowing I can help serve in another capacity in addition to helping someone with their taxes is extremely rewarding." When asked about Amy's work ethic, Brenda Elliott, Partner at MHP said, "Amy puts everything into whatever the task at hand is. She is in charge of administering our tax department policies and she does a remarkable job. She pays attention to all the details regardless of how little or how big. I have no doubt she applies these same attributes to her role with Cheyenne Day of Giving. They are lucky to have her on their board." 

Amy really enjoys being part of a board that has a focus of giving to those who are sick or in need.   The motto of Cheyenne Day of Giving is "Together we can do so much" and Amy believes that a small contribution from a lot can be life-changing to those in need. She says she's been so blessed in her life that hearing stories of someone not knowing where their next meal will come from really moves her to want to help. Jaime Liberty, Tax Manager at MHP, said this about Amy's kindheartedness: "Amy's compassion for people is clearly demonstrated by her efforts with the Day of Giving and her active involvement with the tax department. She consistently puts other's needs above her own to serve those around her."

This year, the Cheyenne Day of Giving has seen the highest amount of financial donations since its inception.  The funds are used all year round to purchase items for local agencies that don't have room in their budget or to purchase items that aren't regularly donated by the community. The event day was a big success as some of the items gathered included: 23,170 pounds of non-perishable food and personal care items, 853 pairs of used eyeglasses and 342 pounds of leftover prescription medications.   Amy says "It is so rewarding to see so many people come out on one day to donate food and personal care items as well as crafts, used cell phones, hearing aids and medical supplies/equipment. The community has an opportunity to sign up to be an organ/tissue donor, bone marrow donor or to donate blood on event day as well."