2017 United Way Campaign

October 4, 2017

One of our values at MHP is Community Stewardship. We believe it is important to give back to our community. We do that in many ways. We serve on boards, we volunteer to coach youth baseball, soccer and basketball teams, we financially support many good causes in Cheyenne and Laramie County. One organization that we have supported since they began in 1948, is United Way of Laramie County. During this time, both organizations have had various name changes, but the support remained through them all. MHP is proud to continue our support by recently completing our 2017 United Way Campaign.

This year, there were a variety of different fundraising events that employees could participate in. One event was "Ice Cream Friday," where employees could pay $1 and have an afternoon treat on select Fridays throughout the summer. Two other events included "Tennis Shoe Tuesday" and "Flip Flop Friday." On these select days, employees could wear this casual and comfortable footwear if they donated $5.

 Along with these fun office events, employees could enter into some different raffle drawings sponsored by the partners of MHP. For $5 per raffle tickets, employees could choose to enter to win a parking spot, a manicure and pedicure treatment with MHP partners, Russ Hay and Amber Nuse, a golf trip with partners, Russ and Joe Paiz, or an MHP shirt. Employees could also choose to donate through payroll deduction or donate some loose change in the provided collection containers throughout the office.

 Alysha Wells, Human Resources Administrative Assistant, was tasked with overseeing all of these donations and events. When asked about the United Way and why they are an important organization to her, she stated, "United Way of Laramie County (ULWC) encourages Laramie County residents to volunteer and improve our community with various programs which are essential to our present and future."

MHP had a successful campaign raising money and was delighted to be able to donate to UWLC. Alysha had this to say about the fundraising efforts, "It was really amazing to see all of the firm's employees pull together and raise a significant amount of dollars toward the cause and enjoy doing so."

MHP is proud of our support, partnership and history with the United Way.