2017 Audit Promotions

August 8, 2017

2017 Audit Promotions

We are proud to announce that Audit Managers Andrew Roberts and Stephanie Pickering have been promoted to Senior Audit Managers.

Roberts_Andrew_headshot.jpgAndrew Roberts is a Cheyenne native, living in Cheyenne his whole life, except for spending his college years in Sioux Falls, SD. He has been licensed to practice as a CPA in Wyoming since 2009. He has worked at MHP since 2007, when he graduated from Augustana College. Andrew manages some of our largest audit engagements as well as other attest engagements. He also has his Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) certification, which is a specialty designation which allows him to work within the information technology (IT) realm by bridging IT with CPA work.

Of his work at MHP Andrew says, “The accounting world seems to be constantly changing, creating new challenges that must be researched and resolved.  Since MHP has a diverse group of clients, there are always new issues to deal with.  The people I work with at MHP are great and have high standards, pushing all of us to be the best we can for our clients.  I really enjoy working with clients on the IT side as this is a growing area of concern for many clients and something I am passionate about.”

When not at work, Andrew likes to spend time with his wife and two kids in the mountains, whether it is snowmobiling in the winter or just spending time at the cabin in the summer.  He built a muscle car in high school that he still has and enjoys working on it and driving it.  Sports have always been a big part of Andrew’s life and he enjoys playing basketball and hitting the golf course.

Pickering_Stephanie_headshot.jpgStephanie Pickering is a 5th generation Wyoming native, born in Casper and raised in Cheyenne. After receiving both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of Wyoming in 2007 and 2008, respectively, she joined MHP. Stephanie specializes in government audits, employee benefit audits and audits of higher educational institutions. She also trains and develops our less experienced staff. When asked about MHP and the accounting profession, Stephanie says, “I love working with our clients and I love helping our new staff grow their expertise so that they can serve our clients well.”

In 2014, Stephanie was one of 37, selected out of a pool of more than 200 young CPAs, to attend the AICPA’s 2014 Leadership Academy.  Beginning in 2018 she has been selected to join the AICPA EDGE task force committee.

When not at work, Stephanie likes spending time with her husband, reading, rooting for the Wyoming Cowboys, traveling and spoiling her three ‘fur’ babies, Pepper, Dottie and Margo. She also plays the violin in the Greeley Chamber Orchestra.

We are pleased to announce that four of our Audit Associates have been promoted to Senior Audit Associates.

Breanna Bredthauer joined MHP as a summer intern in 2014 and became a full time employee in August 2015.  She graduated from the University of Wyoming with her Bachelor’s and Master’s in Accounting and a minor in Finance. She is currently working toward her certified management accountant (CMA) certification. In the audit department, she works on the surrounding community colleges, insurance and a few other government and not-for-profit clients. 

Of her experience at MHP she says, “I like the variety of clients and industries that we get to experience here and that we’re not (usually) on the same client for more than a few weeks, and every client is very different so we’re constantly being challenged and never getting bored doing the same thing over and over.  My favorite part of the accounting world is the balancing nature of it – debits have to equal credits, and your statements all have to balance, or else you did something wrong. 

Outside of MHP, Breanna likes to spend time with her family, travel, read, hike and snowboard.

Erika Varela-Ortega comes to MHP from Greeley, Colorado with a B.S. in Accounting and a B.S. in Finance from the University of Northern Colorado.  She became part of the audit team in August 2015 and assists in the large scale audits and is the in-charge on some smaller audits.  What is her favorite thing about working at MHP and the accounting world?  She says, “My favorite part of working at MHP is the people.  We have a great team here at MHP and a great client base.  My favorite part of the accounting work is the challenge.  I love that everyday there is something new to learn and there is always a new challenge to undertake.”

Throughout the year, she does some judging for debate and forensics and volunteers at soup kitchens during the holidays. When not at work, Erika enjoys reading.  She says this about reading: “I wish I could say I enjoy reading a good self-help book but to be honest, I tend to go more for Young Adult or some other type of fiction.  Life is boring from time to time so supplementing it with vampires, witches, and werewolves keeps it entertaining.” She also likes to spend time with her family when not working as they are very important to her. Erika says this about them, “As for my family, I am a big family person, they have been with me through some difficult times and have supported my dreams.  We tend to do fun things such as video games, movies, and camping.”

Hannah Gilliland joined MHP as a summer intern in 2015 and became a full-time employee in January 2016.  She received her Bachelors and Masters in Accounting from the University of Wyoming.  Currently, Hannah works in both the audit and tax departments during their respective busy seasons.  Eventually, she will decide which department suits her better, but for now she is learning all she can on both sides in order to have a well-rounded skill set. When asked about what she enjoys about her work at MHP, Hannah says, “MHP serves a wide array of clients, which allows me to experience a little bit of everything and to learn which specific areas peak my interest the most to pursue more in the future.”

When not at work, Hannah spends time with her husband and family.  She has four older brothers and they are all very competitive; whether it is board games, arm wrestling, or the number of fish they catch, they are always competing.

Lynn Poss grew up on a farm/ranch in eastern Colorado outside of the small town of Hugo, about 100 miles east of Denver. Upon graduating from high school, she decided to attend the University of Wyoming (UW). Lynn enjoyed math and doing some bookkeeping for the family farm, so she decided to give accounting a shot. In just 4.5 years, she graduated with her Bachelor’s in Accounting and Bachelor’s in Ag Business. 

During the summer before her last semester at UW, she had an internship with MHP and is now a senior audit associate.  Her focus is mainly governmental clients, student financial aid audits and a few non-profits.  When asked why she enjoys accounting, Lynn responded, “Accounting is challenging and it is exciting to have a new challenge every day.”

audit group.jpeg

Pictured from left to right: Breanna Bredthauer, Stephanie Pickering, Lynn Poss and Erika Varela-Ortega. Not pictured: Andrew Roberts and Hannah Gilliland.