High Wealth

Professional Trust, Estate and High Wealth Services

MHP has developed an extensive Wealth Management practice focused on financial planning, investment advisory services and risk management. Protecting and managing wealth has never been more important. Our Wealth Management advisors work closely with our tax professionals, as well as many other specialists, to gain an understanding of your professional and personal life. In order to establish a holistic understanding of your financial life, assets, liabilities, net worth and risk exposure along with your dreams and obligations, your Wealth Management advisor will conduct an initial assessment of your financial world. Your Wealth Management advisor will help you prioritize your desires and reach your goals by addressing the following:

  • Helping Family-care of children and parents, providing education
  • Protecting Lifestyle-family security and protecting business
  • Achieving Financial Comfort-generating income and paying less tax
  • Planning Retirement-managing health and change, enjoying lifestyle
  • Building a Legacy-wills, preserving estate, giving and living a legacy

We have a duty to apply the highest ethical and professional standards, skills and good judgment on behalf of our clients; and to safeguard each client’s confidentiality. Wealth can bring a measure of freedom, comfort and security. It can enable great dreams, hopes and legacies. But it also brings great responsibility and obligation. MHP Wealth Managers are able to help you achieve your vision and meet your obligations.

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