MHP Assurance Department

MHP performs audit, review, and compilation services to give you the assurance level you desire. Our success stems from the on-going communication between you and your assurance team to arrive at your end-goal. This allows us to provide your business with the quality project that you deserve.

Audit Services

MHP specializes in audits of not-for-profit and for-profit entities, as well as government and higher education entities. We begin every audit by understanding your business, including day-to-day operations. We provide effective two-way communication during all procedures and present deliverables within your time constraints. We pride ourselves on our personal interest in your business’ success and quality of our audit procedures and processes.

Review and Compilation Services

We can provide annual or more frequent periodic reviewed or compiled financial statements. These statements can be prepared in accordance with U.S. GAAP, cash basis, tax basis, or other comprehensive basis of accounting. This will ensure your financial records are easily reported to business owners, financial institutions, vendors, or other interested parties.

Budget Analysis and Financial Forecasts

We know cash flow may be an issue at some point in your business’ life. MHP can assist your business by evaluating your company’s financial condition and guide you to creating an effective budget for the period. We can also provide you a realistic financial forecast to achieve your financial goals to ensure success.

Fraud Prevention and Detection

Financial fraud occurs more frequently as new technology emerges. We can provide an analysis of financial records, in conjunction with fraud and theft investigations, to determine the extent of potential loss and illegal accounting practices.

Other Agreed Upon Procedures

Do you have a specific project we have not previously identified? Please contact our Assurance Partner Brandy Marrou, to discuss a series of tailored assurance procedures to accomplish your financial goals. A specialized assurance team will work directly with your company to perform the procedures you decide are the most important.

Contact Brandy Marrou