Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt

January 25, 2016

Crisp, October air; the majestic Big Horn range to the northwest; Piney Creek lazily meandering through the valley.  Hunters, excited about the day's adventure, are gathered for sunrise coffee and conversation before they set off to honor a tradition that some have held dear for a lifetime and others have yet to experience.  This is a scene repeated thousands of times a year in our great State, but with a bit of a twist.  This outfit is all women and it is loaded for…antelope.

The Wyoming Women's Antelope Hunt was founded in 2013 and is the brain child of the Wyoming Women's Foundation (WYWF).  This hunt serves the mission of WYWF by investing in the economic self-sufficiency of women and building networking opportunities for women throughout the State.  To date, the Hunt has raised $120,000 for Wyoming's women and the future of our girls as they grow to young women.  The Hunt partners with more than 100 sponsoring organizations and individuals and has provided empowering mentor and mentee opportunities.

This event exposes women to hunting who might not otherwise have the opportunity to engage in the sport.  It also offers scholarships and hunter education to women so they are able to hone skills that will last a lifetime.  Hunters are paired with conservation-minded guides and experienced women hunting partners to maximize the experience.

The 2015 Hunt, held October 8-11 at the Ucross Ranch, northeast of Buffalo, hosted Jillian Balow, Wyoming State Superintendent of Public Instruction; Jana Waller, bowhunter, artist, hunting advocate, and host and co-producer of her own show, Skull Bound TV, on The Sportsman Channel; the publisher of Women's Outdoor News, Barbara Baird; and Ashlee Lundvall, founding member of the Wyoming Disabled Hunters and former Miss Wheelchair USA.  Among the 50 participants, there was one last very special VIP (Very Important Partner), our very own Amber Nuse.

Amber was honored to be part of the Warren Ranch Team, a platinum sponsor of the Hunt.  She shared, "Doug Samuelson trained me for this event through a series of practice sessions involving numerous decoys, crawling through weeds, and sitting in large piles of dirt.  He had me ready for anything!"

Amber proved to be a natural.  Her 290-yard shot earned her the Annie Oakley Award, which is presented to hunters who harvest their antelope with one clean kill shot.  Amber also won the Diana Award, given to all new hunters who make a kill.  Amber said, "I showed up never having hunted before, and I went home with a new gun, a skinning knife, a backpack stuffed with goodies, and more camo than I ever thought I would own in my lifetime."

Amber continued, "This event was such an amazing experience and truly places camaraderie and support among women as its top priority.  Although the event was infused with a fun, competitive spirit, it was all about supporting one another, building confidence, and finding inspiration among women.  I was able to catch up with some wonderful friends throughout the course of the nearly four-day event, but I also formed many new friendships and made some wonderful memories."

McGee, Hearne & Paiz is proud of its newest award winning hunter and is proud to have been a part of this new event.  "I consider myself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to participate in such an amazing event," said Annie – oops, we mean Amber.