United Way 2016 Campaign

August 9, 2016

McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP (MHP) is a Pacesetter for the United Way of Laramie County 2016 Campaign! Through our fundraising campaign, we "set the pace" for other campaigns and fundraising for the year. MHP has been a pacesetter for decades, increasing our fundraising annually.

This year our Campaign Coordinator is Jessica Robinson. With the help of MHP Partner and United Way of Laramie County board member and co-chair of the Community Investment Team, Brandy Marrou, the duo is pushing MHP forward to meet AND exceed our fundraising goal!

This year MHP will be having not just one, but TWO jeans days to help raise donations for United Way. The jeans days will take place on Friday, August 5th and 12th. To wear jeans it is just $5.00 per day! There are "loose change" containers available and there will be a raffle, a paid parking space in the upper parking lot for a year, to raise donations. Also, if you choose to do a payroll deduction, you will have a chance at being entered to win a car! Please refer to the United Way of Laramie County 2016 Campaign pamphlet for details. All donations and pledge forms should be turned in by Wednesday, August 24th.

A little bit about United Way of Laramie County:


United Way of Laramie County envisions a community where all individuals and families have the opportunity to achieve their full potential.


United Way of Laramie County's mission is to responsibly mobilize and leverage community resources to create long-term changes that produce healthy, educated and financially stable individuals and families in Laramie County.

How do they do it?

United Way and local expert volunteers identify and prioritize our community's most pressing needs. Pledges, corporate and grant support are combined and strategically invested in programs and partnerships in the areas of Education, Income and Health. With United Way support, funded programs often secure additional funding. United Way programs are reviewed and held accountable, ensuring that the programs are serving the needs of the community and using donor money as intended.

Marrou, Brandy_headshot.jpgBrandy Marrou shares, "I have volunteered for United Way of Laramie County (UWLC) for many years, and I am very proud of the work this organization does to support our community. One of my most important accomplishments has been the role in which I have served as a member of the Community Investment Team (CIT). I often hear the question, "Why should I give to United Way and not just directly to the agencies?" The answer to this question is why I serve.

As a member of the CIT, we thoroughly vet all applicants for funding and, if awarded, provide them financial and operational support, monitor their program outcomes, and report back to the community. We are stewards of donor funds, and we strive to ensure that the funding is awarded to agencies within our community that follow sound fiscal policies and provide effective services, leveraging those funds whenever feasible. The efforts of the CIT allow funded agencies to focus their efforts on their missions of helping others and less so on fundraising. I am extremely proud to be a part of an organization that indirectly touches the lives of so many in our community."

United Way of Laramie County partners with the following programs, chosen by community members, to receive funding and guidance from United Way of Laramie County:

Why support United Way of Laramie County?

Greg Vaughn, United Way volunteer as a personal/business relationship manager, believes strongly inVaughn, Gregory_headshot.jpg the program, stating "United Way is important to me because it provides an easy way to help those in need within our community while having a piece of mind that the donations are being used appropriately and effectively. United Way's program partners cover such a wide variety of needs that one in three individuals in Laramie County benefit from them. This proves that people from all walks of life fall on hard times and could benefit from the extra assistance."

United Way of Laramie County does what no other nonprofit organization can. They coordinate the collective strength of more than 2,000 individual donors, 100+ local businesses, 25 nonprofit organizations and numerous community resources. Together, they help people when they need it. At the same time, delivering long-term solutions for individuals and families in Laramie County by empowering them to thrive in our community for years to come. United Way focuses on funding programs whose services complement each other and do not overlap. When you choose to support United Way, you do not have to decide between helping children, families, seniors or individuals in crisis. Your gift blankets the spectrum of needs in our community. By offering payroll deduction, monthly billing and a variety of other payment options, United Way makes it easy to give an amount that adds up to a big impact at the end of the year.

For more information about how you can help, email liveunited@unitedwayoflaramiecounty.org or call 307-638-8904.