Teaching at the University of Wyoming

November 14, 2016

Greg Vaughn, Senior Tax Manager at McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP, is teaching a course at the University of Wyoming (UW) for the fall 2016 semester. He teaches Tax II, which is the master's level tax course, once a week for a span of three hours.

This is Greg's first semester teaching at UW. The opportunity came about when the university approached MHP, as they did not have anyone to teach the course. Jane Moran, Managing Partner, recommended Greg who excitedly accepted the offer. Teaching was something that he always considered as he has put on different seminars for the community and he has also run tax training at MHP.

Many good experiences have resulted from this opportunity. Greg told us that he has had the chance to talk to many students about a variety of topics including: understanding the lecture better, future employment and help with the CPA exam. "It feels good to have built that trust in a short amount of time," Greg stated. He also shared that it has been nice to have a bunch of familiar faces in the class. Greg has some of the students through Meet the Firms, UW Practitioners Day and previous years recruiting.

 Josh Burgener, a student of Greg's stated, "I have enjoyed having Greg as a professor. He brings a high level of expertise to the classroom and does a great job of bridging the gap between textbook learning and real world application. His tremendous knowledge about what we will actually see in the workplace has been encouraging and refreshing." When asked about starting a full-time position and how Greg has been influential, Josh said, "Seeing Greg's passion for his job has definitely played a role in my interest to join public accounting."

Greg was asked what he enjoyed about teaching to tell us that he enjoys that it is something that is different yet familiar from his normal duties. "I enjoy sharing real world examples during my lectures and explaining why the information I am teaching is relevant," Greg said. He also enjoys that it is a master's level class stating, "I enjoy having a class of students who are driven and know where they want to be out of college." He also stated, "There is also a challenge to the job. I have to make sure I brush up on some of the topics that are rarely seen in our practice." Greg did note that he did not really enjoy grading or giving tests, as it takes up more time than he expected. All in all, Greg has really enjoyed teaching and would definitely teach the class again if the opportunity arose.