Summer Internship Program

August 10, 2015


The McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP (MHP) Summer Internship Program is again coming to a close.  "Our Internship Program has proven to be one of our most valuable recruiting activities at MHP.  Many years ago, Robin Sims, who was an audit manager with us, was asked to revamp our program and is largely responsible for what it is today.  Amber Nuse, Amy Stinson, Laura Bump, and Alex Bradford currently oversee the program.  The training, development, and experiences our interns receive is extremely rewarding to them and a value to us, our clients, and our community," observed Ken Dugas, Partner at MHP.

MHP has hired some excellent long-term employees from the Program.  "I started my career with MHP as an intern many summers ago.  I am always excited to meet the new interns each year and reminisce about the time I was in their shoes.  I may be biased given my own experience, but I truly believe our Summer Internship Program is a great opportunity for students to learn about public accounting, our firm, and the Cheyenne community.  In turn, we get the opportunity to meet some pretty great accounting students," said Laura Bump, Audit Supervisor.

Three University of Wyoming students pursuing their Bachelor and Master degrees in accounting were chosen for the 2015 Summer Internship Program:  Hannah Gilliland, Allison Kerkvliet, and Lynn Poss.  They had the opportunity to experience the day-to-day business at MHP, completed rotations in our audit and tax departments, and were assigned internal projects.  They even had time to serve our community at several volunteer events.

As we had the privilege of getting to know these fine future additions to the profession, we learned that each has her own personal story of why she chose the accounting field.

Hannah Gilliland said, "I have always been a fan of numbers and math, but I was never sure what career to pursue.  I had my first accounting class when I was in high school.  The course material intrigued me enough to choose accounting as my career path.  I have come to realize that the accounting profession is not for the faint of heart.  I have also realized that a strong work ethic, perseverance, and an unlimited supply of caffeine help a person succeed in this profession.  One of the greatest aspects of accounting is the promising job outlook and the multitude of industries in which a person could be employed.  This internship has been an eye-opening experience.  It has been great to travel to clients who conduct business in a variety of industries.  One of the best aspects this summer has been the opportunity to translate classroom knowledge into the application of various concepts.  Working with a good portion of the MHP staff has been very rewarding."

Allison Kerkvliet began as a psychology major and switched to accounting.  "I took my first accounting class my junior year of high school and really enjoyed it, so I figured I would give some business classes a try.  I found myself very interested in them and finally declared an accounting major my sophomore year of college.  My Principles 2 professor was great and it motivated me to stick with it.  The internship is not what I expected at all, but it was a pleasant surprise.  I got to do way more than I imagined – I was expecting to be making copies all day!  It gets difficult when the only accounting you see is while sitting in a classroom.  This real world experience has opened my eyes to what the job is all about, and it makes me excited about my last year of school.  It has been a great and fulfilling experience."

Lynn Poss, who is graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in accounting and Ag. Business in December, shared, "Accounting was something that I learned very little about in high school.  I was always busy with many other things such as FFA and athletics.  I liked numbers and was very good at math, so I decided I would give accounting a shot when I got to college.  After taking Principles 1 and 2, I knew that I had picked the right path.  When I got to take auditing and government accounting, both classes I really enjoyed, I knew that accounting was right for me…and there was no turning back!  After my short time with MHP, I feel confident that accounting is for me.  I have really enjoyed my internship as a whole.  Everyone in the office is so nice and fun to be around.  They never make me feel that I am just the intern; they make me feel as if I am another full-time employee."

We hope that the MHP 2015 Summer Internship Program was a great experience for Allison, Hannah, and Lynn, and that they return to the University of Wyoming enriched from their internship at MHP.  MHP is certainly a better place for having shared the summer with them.