The Joy of Giving

December 28, 2016


McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP (MHP) decided to have some fun this holiday season and also contribute to some local charities.

The Holiday Season tends to bring out the charitable and giving side in all of us. We here at MHP are no different from anyone else and decided to have a little holiday fun while raising awareness and giving to others.  This year, St. Joseph's Food Pantry and Toys For Tots were our focus.

It was the 8th Annual Holiday Giving for MHP and we chose to help St. Joseph's Food Pantry this year. All employees were encouraged to lend a helping hand to the less fortunate by donating non-perishable food to take to the Food Pantry by December 9, 2016. We lined the halls and filled boxes throughout the office and ended up with 2 full vehicle loads to donate. St. Joseph's Food Pantry shared that they hand out approximately 2,000 bags of food per month and one family can pick up one bag once a week.

We are grateful for Amy Mitchum, Tax Manager, for organizing this event and coordinating everything in our office. She stated, "There is tremendous need in our community and the employees coming together to donate for need that is sometimes taken for granted is truly heart-warming. The staff at the Food Pantry were very appreciative. A couple MHP ladies did the heavy lifting when we arrived to unload – it couldn't have been done without them!"