Jeff Stacey and Brenda Fernandez

May 18, 2015


Jeff Stacey is a Senior Manager of our firm and is the head of our Employee Benefit Department.  Jeff has a B.A. in Management/Human Relations from Trevecca Nazarene University, and the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans and Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Certified Employee Benefit Specialists.  We are blessed that he and his family moved to the “old west” and became a part of the MHP family.  Jeff’s role includes assisting clients with the design, implementation, operation, and in some cases the termination of their employee retirement plans.  This involves everything from the initial conversations about what options are available to consulting on day-to-day issues that arise, to annual compliance work and the annual Form 5500 tax return for plans such as 401(k)’s, profit sharing, and cash balance pension plans.  

Jeff and his wife, Kim, and their two children, Matthew and Allison, moved to Cheyenne in 2003 from Tennessee.  They had been warned about the Wyoming wind, but July 2003 had no wind (mark it down in history) so they assumed it must be some sort of trick people played on newbies.  A few weeks later, Jeff shared, “I was awakened at night to howling winds and the house was creaking.  TORNADO was my first thought having moved from Tennessee.  I turned on the TV looking for a weather bulletin, but saw none.  I looked online for warnings—nothing.  Finally I ventured to the back porch and looked out expecting to see storm clouds but only saw stars.  I realized that the locals were telling the truth after all.”  Jeff and his family have come to love Wyoming’s great outdoors - camping and fishing (including one outing that Jeff says “could be a sequel to the original Vacation movie!”).  He also chuckles about his new icebreaker comment at conferences, “I live next door to a nuclear missile base…”

Also, integral to this department is one of our cherished and long-time employees, Brenda Fernandez.  Brenda is a Cheyenne native and started with our firm in March of 1986 in our small business department.  She then became an assistant to Mike McGee for many years and started performing the accounting on retirement plans for several of Mike’s clients.  It became a field she enjoyed and, in October 2002, she was transferred to the Employee Benefits Department.  When Jeff was hired in 2003, the department fell into place - Jeff was the “technical” guru of retirement plans and Brenda knew the accounting.  Over the years, they have shared their knowledge.  Brenda started assisting with Plan Documents, quarterly and annual accounting, and client contact.  A large portion of Brenda’s time is working with our clients and participants, which has always been enjoyable to her.

Brenda and her husband, Pat, have been married 45 years and have always lived in Cheyenne.  They have two children and six grandchildren living in New Mexico and Arizona.  They share a love for the game of golf and travel the state of Wyoming extensively during the summers competing in tournaments.  When she has time, she also enjoys bowling, quilting, reading, crocheting and, at the top of her list, spending lots of time with her grandkids.  On a special note, Brenda is looking forward to traveling to Japan with her oldest grandchild, Ashlee, next spring.