Internships at McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP

September 7, 2016

McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP (MHP) is known to be a leader in the community and our Internship Program is no exception; it is one of our most powerful recruiting tools. MHP has been able to recruit interns and retain them as full time employees like no one else. Internships at MHP typically take place between one's junior and senior year or before starting a Master's program. Most of our interns hail from the University of Wyoming, but we do have the occasional University of Northern Colorado student as well. This is due in part to the Firm's presence on campus through "Meet-the-Firms."

"Meet-the-Firms" is an annual event, held on university campuses every fall, which allows students and firms to "get to know each other." MHP participates with the hopes of recruiting new hires to continue the legacy that has been built over the years. Those who flourish during the on-campus interview are invited to join us at the office in Cheyenne for a second interview. This interview includes dinner with partners and managers, lunch with the staff and even a social event.

While "Meet-the Firms" is one day, with a possible second day of interviews, the MHP Internship Program is more like a summer long working interview. It allows the interns to see the Firm, experience public accounting, and even become involved in the Cheyenne community. In turn, it allows us to meet some pretty amazing accounting students. "It was a great way to experience the operations of a CPA firm while still being in college. I was able to see all areas of our Firm; tax, audit, small business and IT. Getting to know and work with the wide variety of our clients opened my eyes to a career in Public Accounting and the great people of MHP" commented Jacob Weisz, Tax Senior Associate.

The summer of 2015 brought with it three wonderful interns and now we get to call ALL of them COWORKERS!  Allison Kerkvliet, Hannah Gilliland and Lynn Poss participated in the Summer Internship Program and are now currently employed as Audit Associates at MHP.  "The internship was much more hands on, and in depth than I had expected, which made for a very smooth transition coming back to work full-time. The work load and expectations are obviously a little higher but I feel like I already have a good jump start on the training, and my internship helped prepare me. The MHP team was a large factor in deciding where to work. The people are awesome!" said Allison Kerkvliet.

"My internship was a great experience because it let me get a quick look at what the Firm did without starting full-time.  Once I was able to see some of the things I could be doing and the people I would be working with, I was much more confident to take the full-time position offered at the end of the summer" noted Keegan Hall, Audit Senior Associate. Josh Olson, Tax Supervisor, echoed Keegan by saying, "MHP's internship was a great way to jump into real-life accounting. College education helps a person understand the fundamentals of accounting but the internship really exposes you to how it actually works. The program helped me obtain real world experience and also led to a seamless full-time position straight out of college."

MHP's Internship program is also a way for MHP to give back to the community, the industry and the University of Wyoming.  Interns get the best exposure to the accounting profession and, by collaborating with the University of Wyoming, we are building future CPAs and cultivating the best graduates of the accounting program.

Brittany Wilson, Audit Manager, said, "My two summer internships with MHP were my first glance into the culture of our office. I saw a group of people who understood the importance of giving back to their community, investing in their staff, and most importantly, having fun and building personal relationships with their co-workers and clients. I have enjoyed being a part of that culture over the past five years. As I enter management, I am excited to continue to build on our strengths, and hopefully, have an impact on our staff like others have had on me since I was a summer intern." 

MHP offers the services of our summer interns to community organizations at no cost, other than our expectation that they provide them an opportunity to grow and learn about their business and our community. In our perspective, this is a win-win-win… 

  • A win for the organization in that you gain assistance on a project you have.
  • A win for the intern because of the exposure he or she gains to businesses and other organizations in our community.
  • A win for us in our recruiting efforts for the coming year.   

MHP strives to hire the best and brightest to join the MHP team and our recruitment of interns is no exception. If you would like to visit with us about a project that could utilize a bright, young accounting professional, please contact our office at 307.634.2151 and ask for Amy Stinson.