Internship Program

April 20, 2015


Our Summer Internship Program is in full swing!  We normally hire 2-3 college interns each summer as part of our recruitment efforts.  Our goal is to provide each intern with an enriching and rewarding experience, not only introducing them to MHP, but the Cheyenne community. Our goal is to make MHP and Cheyenne more attractive to these young professionals in the hopes they return to the community we all love when they graduate and enter the workforce the following year.

We treat our interns like we would a new, entry level employee and involve them in our audit, tax and other internal projects while they are here.  Additionally, we set aside a few weeks for each intern to assist organizations in the community with various projects an accounting intern could help with.  Most of our interns will have just completed their Bachelors in Accounting and have plans to return to the University of Wyoming to obtain their Masters in Accounting.  We strive to hire the best and brightest to join the MHP Team and our recruitment of interns is no exception. 

Jenna Whipple, one of our employees that went through the Intern Program, shared "The time I spent with CLIMB Wyoming was definitely one of the highlights of my internship with MHP.  Donna Nelson, Statewide Director of Operations at CLIMB, was great to work with and made the week both fun and rewarding.  I learned so much about the organization and was amazed then, and continue to be amazed now, by all they do for the community."

MHP offers these interns to the organization at no cost, other than our expectation that they provide them an opportunity to grow and learn about their business and our community. In our perspective, this is a win-win-win… 

  • A win for the organization in that you gain assistance on a project you have.
  • A win for the intern because of the exposure they gain to businesses and other organizations in our community.
  • A win for us in our recruiting efforts for the coming year.

If you would like to visit with us about a project you could use a bright, young, accounting professional to assist you on, please contact our office at 307.634.2151 and ask for Ken Dugas or Alex Bradford. If our weeks get filled up this summer, we would work with your organization to get some time scheduled next summer.