2nd Annual McGee, Hearne & Paize Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest

December 28, 2015

The Second Annual McGee Hearne & Paiz Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest was held on December 11th and offered yuletide fashion statements that will be long remembered…no matter how hard we try to forget!

There was a price for the privilege of arriving at work looking as hideous as possible.  The competition entry fee was a $5.00 donation to Toys for Tots – no donation, no opportunity to compete for holiday glory.  In record time, $210.00 was donated by staff and the creative juices began flowing.

After trips to Goodwill, raids on parents' closets, glue guns, and glitter, the big day arrived.  The outfits ranged from adorable to fascinating to utterly hysterical.  Each contestant posed for the requisite competition photo, some more willingly than others.  The video ballot was prepared by Tasha Selfridge. 

Tension mounted throughout the day as votes were cast.  The polling station was closed at 3:30 p.m. and the votes were tallied.  Fingers were crossed; breath was held.  The anticipation was palpable.

Amy Mitchum, Tax Manager, was crowned Most Creative, largely due to her artistic use of pipe cleaners.  Chris McClenahan, Audit Associate, was thrilled to win Ugliest Sweater.  His dual sweater ensemble was something only his mother could love.   The McGee Hearne & Paiz 2015 Ugly Sweater Contest Grand Champion prize went to Alex Visser, Audit Senior Associate.  Although he claimed his sweater was not a tutu, the garland around his hips and watching him stand in ballet fifth position said otherwise. (Personally, I thought Ken's was the ugliest one!)

At the close of a year of hard work and long hours, staff thoroughly enjoyed a day of fellowship and laughter that reinforced for us that, in this season of gratitude and blessings, we are all grateful for the blessing of our work family.